Heirloom Pelts - Wensleydale 005

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Breed: Wensleydale
Color: White
Attributes: long, kinky, lustrous, soft, fluffy
Dimensions: 45L 28W

- All sales final on pelts. Insurance is required. Pelts are currently only available to U.S. and Canadian customers -

High Country Wool sheepskin pelts are sourced from a heritage and critical conservation flock. These animals, raised almost entirely on pasture, live out their happy lives providing fleece and fiber for yarns and rug weavers.

If you have never owned a sheepskin pelt you are missing out on something special. They make us comfortable on our couches, beds and office chairs with natural therapeutic support.  They keep us cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. They naturally filter pollutants from our surroundings. The natural colors and textures are a timeless addition to any decor.