What is a Fibershed?

A Fibershed is geographically-specific territory from which one chooses to source raw textile materials. This growing movement is experiencing traction around the globe as it empowers producers and consumers to challenge textile production patterns. Much like the “Farm-to-table” movement awakened in people a desire to know where their food came from, the Fibershed movement shines light on equally important questions: where does my clothing come from? What impact did the production of this textile have upon the earth? Was the person who made it paid fairly? Is it made to last? 


Based in Loveland, Colorado, we are a part of the Mountains & Plains Fibershed. Our rich and varied community has its epicenter in Golden, Colorado and extends in a 300 mile radius. Across our rugged landscape we find an abundance of fiber-producing animals: from Angora bunnies in backyard hutches, to massive yaks strolling in placid fields. There are llamas, alpacas, paco vicuna, goats, and sheep. And there is cotton and hemp and flax! There are beautiful dye plants lovingly tended by passionate gardeners who know how to coax the rainbow from their humble stalks, leaves, and flowers. There are shearers, fiber mills, and weavers.

Photo courtesy of www.fibershed.org

October 31, 2020 — Jennifer Guyor
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