To tell the story of High Country Wool is to describe a piece of woven fabric.  When considered individually, the strands of warp and weft seem insignificant and ordinary.  Together they become strong, purposeful, and enduring. 

The threads?  Connecting people to the land.  Keeping arts and industry alive.  Promoting responsible stewardship. Increasing awareness to shape consumer choices.  Standing in the gap between growers and makers.  Elevating creative practices with land and animal-honoring materials.

Nicole Clark and Jennifer Guyor are women with a calling.  Each has deliberately cultivated and responded to that calling:   Nicole as the owner and developer of a successful Indie-Dyed yarn business;  and Jennifer as a fiber artist, wool handler, and yarn designer.  Coming together as a team, they realized their complementary strengths, abilities, experience, and connections were a potent combination. 

Our yarn is special.  It is light, airy, and full of life.  It has strength and luster - health!  A testimony to what we believe Western Wool should be.  Holding a skein in your hand, you will immediately feel the difference. 

High Country Wool is not just a yarn company.  It is a purposeful commitment to elevate and tell the stories of the landscape, animals, history, and community that make up Western Wool. 

It has left its mark on us and we are proud to play a small part.

Welcome to High Country Wool.