1.  To value our local wool growers and ranching partners.  While we cannot ignore their determination to producing the highest quality wool available, it is their tireless dedication to honoring the lives of their animals that we embrace above all.  We spend as much time as we can in every flock and shearing shed.  It is our great privilege to bring their life’s work to you in the form of our beautiful yarns.

2.  To produce our goods with special attention to environmental impact.  We intentionally manage every part of the supply chain from acquisition to transportation to water to packaging.

3.  To create jobs in local economies by keeping US wool here!  By fairly compensating our ranchers for their labor and commitment to quality, we encourage continued longevity and entrepreneurship in the US wool market.  Working with local mills keeps them open and available for processing US wool.

4.  Creating and selecting natural, heirloom quality wools and home goods that will last for years to come.