Caretaker Montana - Natural Taupe


Jennifer comes to High Country Wool via her yarn design, wool skirting and brokering background. Traveling the Fibershed and beyond to mentor smaller producers and new shepherds, she often had the opportunity to gather unique and sentimental fleeces - souvenirs of her work with Caretakers. For this special yarn, Gotland and BFL lamb fleeces from a favorite Montana flock provide a lustrous backdrop to generous amounts of long-staple natural colored CVM-Romeldale fine wool.  The effect is a wonderfully soft, scwoonchy taupe skein that is perfect for shawls, sweaters, and accessories.

Caretaker Montana Heavy Worsted

80% Romeldale, 20% BFL & Wensleydale Lamb

225 yards / 100 grams, 2-ply heavy worsted